Trevor Oxholm

B.S. in Physics from Northeastern University

Trevor is a doctoral candidate in the UW-Madison physics department studying observational cosmology.  He is a member of the EXCLAIM and Tianlai collaborations, specializing in the design instruments and detectors for line intensity mapping surveys.  As a member of the EXCLAIM team he is developing an analytical model and open-source software tools describing MKID superconducting detectors, while also simulating and optimizing the optical design of the instrument with undergraduate student Gage Siebert.  As part of Tianlai, he analyzed data from the first light of the experiment, understanding the properties of the instrument with particular emphasis on point source calibration and precisely modeling the behavior of the antenna beam using astrophysical sources.  Trevor’s research has been supported through NASA’s internship program, as well as the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium Graduate & Professional Research Fellowship.

Outside of astrophysics, Trevor enjoys challenging himself through physical activity, including downhill skiing, rock climbing, and especially endurance racing including ultramarathons, obstacle course racing, and Ironman triathlon.  He is a founding member of the UW Physics Graduate Student Council and has worked as a Social Chair (read, Head of the Party-Planning Committee) and Recruit & Welcome Chair.

Anyone interested in studying physics at UW-Madison and/or in the Timbie group is more than welcome to reach out to Trevor, who would be happy to discuss his wonderful experiences and adventures as a Ph.D. student in Madison.