David Kwak

Credentials: Class of 2023

I am studying Physics, Math, Astronomy, and have been a part of Timbie group since 2020. Most of my time as a member have been dedicated to studying the electromagnetic behaviors of the Tianlai Dish Array, a compact 16 dish radio interferometer built for 21 cm intensity mapping. In particular, I simulate, analyze and attempt to model and calibrate the crosstalk, the noise due to reradiation of the signal at the antennas. We think this is crucial for the 21 cm intensity mapping experiments to reach the scientific goals concerning cosmology. Besides my work in the group, I am also working in superconductivity theory under Prof. Levchenko and doing a senior thesis under Prof. Hashimoto on topics of mathematical physics. Outside of my current research, I am interested in theoretical high energy physics and cosmology, and gravitational waves.

I am a big fan or sports, primarily baseball and volleyball. I also love reading and cooking. I worked for Badgerloop, an engineering club at UW participating in SPACEX’s annual hyperloop competition during my freshman year.