I am a physics PhD student at UW-Madison and joined Peter Timbie’s research group in Spring 2023. My research interests are in astrophysics and cosmology, and more specifically the large scale structure of the universe. My current research is focused on developing the data analysis tools for the EXCLAIM experiment, including a quasar stacking analysis premised on current simulations of the EXCLAIM data.

I am also highly involved with physics outreach, including participating in the Wonders of Physics Annual Show and working as a docent in the Ingersoll Physics Museum.

 (Photo by Taylor Wolfram / UW–Madison)

I went to Saint Louis University in St. Louis, MO for undergraduate, and my hometown is Waukesha, WI. In my free time, I enjoy reading mediocre Star Wars books, playing Tears of the Kingdom, touching grass, baking fresh bread, and bad puns.